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Team Building

Dive into our engaging workshops where lock picking meets team building, enhancing skills and promoting teamwork with a touch of espionage. Available virtually and in-person, we equip your team to tackle challenges inspired by spy fiction, igniting imagination and real-world problem-solving excitement.


Lock Picking

All Skill Levels 

Our Customizable Team Building Solutions


Welcome to our unique service offerings, where we cater to enhancing your team's problem-solving skills, teamwork, and learning through the engaging art of lock picking. Our experiences are designed to be flexible and adaptable to the size and needs of your team, providing an interactive, educational, and fun journey into the world of espionage and covert entry.

Tailored Team Experiences

Small Groups (Up to 20 Participants):

For intimate team settings, we can divide participants into smaller squads, each led by dedicated instructors, or offer one large class. These sessions, lasting about 30 minutes, cover the basics of lock picking before participants engage in hands-on practice, culminating in a timed picking contest that rewards the top 3 with a professional set of lock picks. It's an ideal setup for fostering collaboration, individual attention and a little bit of competitive fun. 


Large Groups (60+ Participants):

Larger gatherings are smoothly managed by our team of expert instructors. Despite the size, our engaging lock picking activities keep everyone involved and focused, ensuring a memorable and educational experience.

Flexible Kit Options

Our service is a la carte, offering three tailored lock picking kit options for beginning classes to suit various interests and budgets:

  1. Standard Kit: Priced at $65 per student, this kit includes lock picks, see-through practice locks, and a Masterlock 140. It's our most popular package, providing a comprehensive introduction to lock picking.

  2. Basic Kit: For those on a budget, our Basic Kit offers simple lock picks and includes see-through practice locks $40 per student. It's a great way to get started with the basics of lock manipulation.

  3. Advanced Kit: At $132 per student, this premium option includes a set of lock cores of varying difficulty, a core holder, and lock picks. Designed for those seeking a deeper dive into the skill, it challenges and enriches participants' understanding.

Advanced Classes and Pricing

Our Advanced classes are completely customizable, we teach how to take apart and rebuild locks, advanced bypass techniques and a multitude of lock options depending on your desired skill level and needs. Pricing will be a combination of the number of kits purchased along with the amount of instructors needed. Each instructor is approximately $500 per class. We do however lock to teach lock picking, so we typically hang around at the end of class to answer questions, and engage with the students. We never want you to feel like the class is rushed.  Please contact us to build out your custom class today! 

Shipping and Logistics

We streamline the shipping process by sending kits in one large box to a single location, simplifying distribution for group events. For individual participants or special requests, we can also arrange separate shipments to accommodate your needs. Basic ground shipping is FREE, any expedited shipping will be extra depending on the shipping difference. 

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