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Physical Security

Physical security is often a critically overlooked, understaffed, and undertrained aspect of cybersecurity, ranking as the foremost area in need of attention in nearly every organization world wide.

Physical Security

A CISO's job is to safeguard data for a company, and while the concept of data is frequently associated with digital assets, it also encompasses physical data storage, transmission, and access points throughout the organization's infrastructure. An organization's ability to ensure its data is secure extends beyond its logical networks. If an attacker is able to walk into a facility and obtain documents, gain network access by plugging in, or discover network passwords by observing them on a whiteboard, all of the organization's logical security measures have been rendered ineffective.

Kaiju Security has assessed hundreds of organizations security postures. From new buildings, locations or campuses to helping rebuild an organization's security posture form the ground up, Kaiju has nearly done it all. Our experts specialize in not only helping to build out an organization's security, but training them the entire time. Our goal, when we are done, is to hand your organization the proverbial fish, and the pole at the same time so your staff can implement the security controls and tests we have taught them to any new areas, buildings or sites that you may have. 


This assessment shows you HOW we do what we do, we walk you through the most common techniques that our teams use to gain entry to our targets. This includes a physical walkthrough of the facility, training on how better to defend against Social Engineering both logically (phishing) and in person. Last but not least we will provide you with an assessment of your local network, one of our hackers will sit down at a computer and either show you how we get in, or tell you how likely it is someone else could.


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